The Advanced Wellness Team

Vonni Parker

Naturopath, Nutritionist.

BHSc Naturopathy, BHSc Clinical Nutrition, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine, Usui system of Reiki Level 2 (Japanese energy healing system), & Yoga teacher in training. My passion for naturopathy & nutrition has evolved alongside my journey into health & wellness, which began through a love for my 3 children & being an example of wholesome living. I started reading food labels to avoid additives in their food, then I researched the additives and discovered more than I bargained for!!……… there was a further realization that our skin is our largest organ & what we put onto our skin is absorbed through it, into the bloodstream & lymphatic system. With more research I found that toxins absorbed or ingested can be stored in organs & build up in the body over time. I have always believed in the bodies innate ability to heal itself, & relay that to clients who are at various health levels. We need specific nutrients & nutrient co-factors, & lifestyle tweaks to facilitate & speed up the body’s natural healing processes. I enjoy working with clients with long standing chronic health conditions to improve their quality of life. Other interest are nervous system disorders (stress, anxiety, etc), weight loss, building energy, improving gut health, fertility, pregnancy & hormonal support.

I have a special interest in energy & vibrational medicine, the meridians (energy pathways) & chakras (energy centres) of the body fascinate me. I have been practicing as a Reiki practitioner since 2012. I am currently studying my Level 1, 350 hour teacher training in Yoga……forever the teacher & forever the student!!

Alyson Maier

Naturopath, Herbalist, Childrens Author & Shamanic Practitioner ~ Green Heart Herbals
BMedMgmntProfHonCompMed, GradCertCompMed, AdvDipNat, BMedRadSci(RT)
MATMS 50743

Alyson is a Naturopath, Herbalist, Children’s Author, and Shamanic practitioner with a background in Oncology and Medical Imaging. Alyson is experienced in treating a wide range of health concerns including childhood behavioral and spectrum disorders, vaccine injuries as well as adult anxiety, depression, trauma/grief and sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, and stress. Alyson sees the whole of you, mind, body, and spirit, and is passionate about empowering and educating her clients on how to connect with their emotional and physical bodies throughout their health journey. In her spare time, she enjoys foraging, making herbal medicines, and learning more from her shamanic teachers in the Andes, Peru.

Tahlia Sibley

BHSc Naturopathy

Tahlia has a gentle, friendly personality and brings a fresh perspective to her practice. She has special interests in gut health, skin, stress & anxiety, and is particularly passionate about supporting young adults. From seed to bloom, Tahlia works on nurturing your health from the roots.

Tahlia had always gravitated towards holistic medicine which led to her studying a bachelor of health science in naturopathy. The approach of treating the cause of issues and not just managing symptoms appealed to her as a more sustainable approach to health. Through her learning, she has enjoyed discovering the abundance of medicine that Mother Nature has to offer. Tahlia aspires to empower her clients with the tools they need to achieve long-lasting wellbeing.

Outside the clinic Tahlia embraces connection to nature, self and others. This looks like regular walks on the beach, weekend camping trips, and cooking up tasty meals with friends.

Brooke Chapman

Administration Manager

Brooke is one of the friendly faces and voices behind Advanced Wellness as our main receptionist. You will find Brooke to be helpful and cheery, assisting with all administration processes & customer care. Brooke will guide you on your health & wellness journey checking in with you regularly to make sure the process is flowing smoothly.

Growing up in a holistic family, Brooke has inside knowledge firsthand of the working of herbs and supplements and how they can play an important role in health, wellness & longevity. Brooke has outside interests in animal welfare (aspires to be a vet nurse). Her interests include travel and one of her favourite places in the world is Japan.

Jane Kelly


Jane has been an amazing part of our team since the beginning of our clinic, 14 years ago. You will find Jane at our reception desk greeting our patients, responding to enquiries, making bookings and fulfilling your orders. Jane’s skills with her calm and witty nature will leave you feeling confident with your health and wellness journey.

Jade Parker


Jade is another friendly face you will see on our administration team. Coming to us with experience in real estate administration & an extensive hospitality background. Jade will help guide you on your wellness journey checking in on your progress in intervals. Jades’ family has a naturopathic background so herbal tinctures & supplements are an integral part of her world. Jade loves to travel & enjoys hanging out with friends on the weekends.

Carli Taylor


Carli’s attention to detail ensures our centre, team and patients are well cared for, playing a vital role in supporting one of the largest Wellness Centres in Queensland. Carli has an amazing knowledge of our products, herbs, and treatments, supporting our patients through their health journey with any pathology instructions or treatment plans they’ve been prescribed. Carli has a caring and patient nature ensuring your needs are her first priority. Carli will take the time to answer and solve any queries or concerns you may have.


Dr Jacques Duff

Psychologist – Behavioural Neurotherapy Clinic Melbourne

Dr Henry Butt

Microbiologist – Bioscreen Medical Laboratory

Nutripath Functional
Pathology Laboratory


Advanced Wellness Centre Partners

Therese Darcy

Coastal Headache Clinic

Therese Darcy is an experienced physiotherapist passionate about helping others achieve a life less burdened by headache or migraine.Coastal Headache Clinic provides non-drug treatment strategies for those experiencing persistent headache and migraine. She is the Sunshine Coast’s only Certified Watson Headache® Practitioner.

Phone: 07 5412 1541

Lahna Bannon

Bottoms Up Colonics

Lahna is the owner operator of Bottoms Up Colonics Maroochydore. Bottoms up specialises in safe and effective Colonic Hydrotherapy and Gut Health Support. Colonic Hydrotherapy can assist detoxification and cleansing as it relieves stagnation, rehydrates the bowel and promotes function. Through restoring elimination pathways the body is able to process and absorb optimally. The Rojas based closed colonic technique is evidenced based, and looks at a range of biomechanical and lifestyle factors that can affect the digestive system. Bottoms Up has several clinics around Australia which work together to ensure the most up to date practice, and at present Bottoms Up offer the only IICT recognised training course for therapists in Australia. Lahna has a background as a Registered Nurse specialising in Emergency, Paediatrics and Acute Care. She has a passion to support people to be able to look at the many factors that can affect Gut Health and functioning, and joins the team of Advanced Wellness where we have a rich network of supportive practitioners to support this process

Bottoms Up Colonics
Phone: 0752208963

Bonnie Killip

Dietitian (APD), Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Neurolinguistics Pract.

Bonnie comes from a background in biomedical science and went on to become a dietitian and clinical hypnotherapist due to her own lived experience with anorexia nervosa and her appreciation for the central role nutrition and brain health play in preventing and overcoming illness and more importantly fuelling wellbeing and life success.

She has a special interest in mental health and facilitating others to build optimal energy and function at their best including those experiencing eating disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, PTSD, addictions, compulsions and unwanted habits, ADHD, Asperger’s and other learning challenges.

Ph: 0435 379 953
Email: [email protected]

Rebeccah Evans

Counsellor & Psychotherapist, BA(Hons), PACFA Reg. Clinical. Reg. MBACP

Rebeccah offers counselling, psychotherapy and clinical consultation to private clients, professionals and organisations both locally and internationally.

Rebeccah has interest in working with mental health issue such as anxiety, depression, personal or workplace stress and relationship concerns with Children & Adolescents, Families & Parenting, Marriage & Relationships and Individuals.

Phone: +61 (0) 404 811 761