Anxiety, shyness, or fear may be common personality traits, though for some it occurs alongside other symptoms such as high stress levels, anger, poor memory and depression, and can be a lifelong struggle. Preferring small groups of close friends rather than large social groups, poor dream recall, susceptibility to allergies, fatigue, or poor sugar metabolism, can all be symptoms of a genetic disorder, which is on the rise in Australia.

Affecting up to 40% of people, it can lead to much larger problems, including a serious risk of developing addictions, alcoholism, severe depression, or psychiatric disorders. Pyroluria reduces your absorption of zinc and B6, necessary for production of brain chemicals for mood, digestion, hormone production, and to fight infections. A cascade effect toward ill health eventually develops creating emotional stress, producing cortisol and inflammation throughout the body and digestive tract. Poor digestion follows creating food sensitivities, and allowing bacterial infections to invade.


Fatigue, weight gain, fluid retention, hormone imbalance, depression and anxiety, are typical symptoms of food sensitivity, creating a secondary layer of mood effects. Further defi ciencies then develop such as iron, vitamin D, B12, leading to fatigue. Without these very important nutrients, the immune system becomes compromised, causing colds, virus, and bacterial infections, some known for creating further symptoms of depression and anxiety. The collateral damage can be vast, creating a decline into ill health and a depressive state seemingly unsolvable.

Pyroluria is simple to treat, with a rapid response time, though most people go undiagnosed. Sufferers respond poorly to common anti-depressants, so knowing that this condition affects you or your family is very important, and can be diagnosed using a simple urine test. Treating Pyroluria allows the body to repair to then successfully address stress hormones, bacterial infections, and food sensitivities, bringing your health back to its optimum state allowing you a bright healthy future, free of the symptoms of depression and anxiety.