Iodine deficiency – What are the signs?

Symptoms of brain fog, poor memory, fatigue, hormone imbalances, infertility either conception or miscarriage, birth defects, hair breaking or falling out, weight issues, fluid retention, depression, anxiety, heart or thyroid disease, insulin resistance, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), lumpy breasts, and more, affect our local community widely. It is necessary for all glands to communicate with each other, for your hormones to be balanced. Iodine deficiency is often overlooked as the cause of sometimes quite complex health risks, and often put down to no cause at all. Being notoriously low in Australian soils, it may be the cause of many more health concerns in men and women.

A spot test is most commonly used to determine levels, however isn’t the most accurate. Testing absorption of iodine rather than what is excreted is better to determine what you may need. Once levels are normalised you’ll feel and function at a much happier, and more productive level in every way. Finding the cause of low iodine is also incredibly important as sometimes it’s not a lack in the diet, but can be attributed to poor absorption, which can come down to any number of other health issues, including gut malabsorption issues, parasite, bacterial infections, stress, food sensitivities, or an underlying disease process causing inflammation.

Suffering with any of these symptoms should not be simply accepted as part of life, but should be considered a clue to a health issue you may not know about, so consider investigating even the smallest of issues, it could change the path of your life forever.

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