Managing Stress Around Exam Time

Experiencing exam stress is a common challenge for students. So if this is you, you’re not alone! Let’s explore how a naturopathic approach can help you manage stress more effectively and perform at your best during exam time. Calm Your Mind and Boost Your Focus If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are various relaxation methods you […]

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Does your immune system constantly crash? Always have colds and flu?

Immune System Crash

Have you ever wondered why some people suffer with an immune crash right after exercising or working too hard? Whether it’s a cold or flu that sets in, virus, or adrenal fatigue, it could result in a week or two in bed recovering. During long term stress, hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin are produced […]

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Low thyroid? How to boost energy, mood, speed, metabolism and lose weight

Sluggish energy, unmotivated, weight gain, fluid retention, low mood, hair loss and low hormones are all symptoms that can occur with sensitivity to the cold. If you’ve suspected your thyroid, and had it checked, only to come back normal, you may have been on the right track, but with the wrong test. ONE SIMPLE TEST […]

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Feeling Flat or Unmotivated? Addictions to Sugar or Alcohol? Addiction to Shopping?!

Tired before the day is done? There’s a simple solution… Have you noticed tiredness or exhaustion way before the day is done, you’d rather hit the pillow by 5pm than organise dinner? Are you lacking enjoyment from life, unmotivated to exercise, get healthy, or to do the things you used to love to do? Do […]

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Could toxin overloads affect your sleep, mood and hormones?


They absolutely can! What do these debilitating conditions all have in common? Fatigue or Insomnia Depression or Anxiety Attacks Chemical or Food Sensitivities Weight Gain or Loss Bloating, Digestive Pain or Constipation Hormonal Imbalance or Cancers Suffering these symptoms may lead to further chronic illness In today’s western culture, being exposed to toxic substances is […]

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Which missing nutrient could affect your performance?

I know we’d all like to think that diet alone will supply you with a complete range of nutrients that will sustain your every need from energy to brain function to fertility, let alone your athletic performance. In this day and age of food processing and fast food, you’d have to be fairly enthusiastic about […]

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Are you exercising your butt off and not getting anywhere? Find out why you’re not getting the results you deserve!

Exercise is crucial to be healthy, but the body is reliant on a few other things to build muscle, lose fat, and produce energy. Three of those things are diet, protein absorption, and good nutrients. Balancing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the diet makes all the difference in weight loss and muscle growth, as too […]

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Lacking Motivation? No Excitement for life? Can’t get into exercise, overweight, low libido and poor energy?

Dopamine is a brain neurotransmitter that controls motivation, happiness, drive, libido and energy. Eating well and exercising is crucial to be healthy, but the body is reliant on a few other things to be able to be happy, motivated, build muscle, lose fat, and produce energy. Three of those things are the right balance of […]

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Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre

Jodi Chapman of Advanced Wellness and Behavioural Centre

Jodi Chapman, the founder of Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre, developed the clinic over the past 8 years using naturopathic and medical principles, combining the two to fill a gap that seemed to be occurring between orthodox and allopathic medicine. Jodi specialises in the treatment of mental health concerns predominantly for patients suffering with depression, […]

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