Testing Appointment

  • Urinary heavy metal & pH testing
  • Salivary pH
  • Zinc test
  • Blood pressure
  • Body composition measurements (body fat %, body water %, body muscle mass, metabolic age & body composition)
  • Es-Teck body scan

For your scanning appointment please ensure that you have eaten a carbohydrate meal within at least ½ hour of your testing appointment.

Food intolerance risk, infection risk, stress hormones, brain chemicals and disease risks are identified at this time, to determine further pathology testing and treatment. that may be required.

The repeat scan and baseline measurements are done at 4 months to track progress and to begin finalising your treatment.

ES-Teck is a body scanning system that measures the electrical resistance between selected points in the hands, feet and forehead. These measurements are used to indicate metabolic system health as well as the functions of your organs.
This is a scanning tool that is not intended to diagnose any disease but can tell you about heart function and circulation.

From heart rate, intervals between beats, to the thickness of the blood and the
elasticity of the arteries, this will give you an indication of your cardiovascular system health, biochemical, hormonal and neuro-hormonal balance, Body Mass Index and body composition, functional status of organs (e.g. liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid digestive system), & inflammation.

This is cutting-edge technology used widely in Europe, Asia and the USA, hailed as a
breakthrough product for its ease of use and accuracy. Dr Albert Maarek invented the technology. It is a regarded as a quantum leap in Bio-Impedance Technology. Interstitial fluid surrounds all body cells but is outside of the bloodstream and lymphatic system. The interstitial fluid forms the microscopic interface between all body cells and the bloodstream. Two electrode points are placed on the forehead, the feet & hands are placed on pads, An extremely low DC current is applied (below 50KHz). The current flows within the interstitial fluid and the ES-Teck is able to measure the bioelectrical impedance of the substances within this fluid. ​You will be asked to relax and speaking is not allowed while the scanning takes place as this will cause your heart rate and breathing to rise up.

Summary of ES-TECK scan result

  • Cardiovascular system health
  • Body composition
  • Nervous system health
  • Tissue oxygen uptake and saturation
  • Small/medium to large arterial stiffness
  • Micro-endothelial function

The full benefits of ES-Teck are the follow-up helps people understand their health using easy-to-view graphical charts and images monitoring and measuring for health status and progress see and measure the effectiveness of therapies, diet and lifestyle saves time and money set realistic goals for improving wellness and health.

Es-Teck is licenced in Canada, KEMA Certified
ISO13485:2003 in the United States, & approved by the Australian
Therapeutic Goods Administration