Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne or Psoriasis will disrupt your life. Find out the real reason itchy, painful skin affects you

Skin reactions are some of the most complex issues to treat, as there are a number of factors that could be at play creating an unpleasant, itchy or painful rash anywhere over the body.  Are you experiencing itchiness, redness or uneven skin eruptions?  Have you considered it could be something happening inside your body rather […]

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Iodine deficiency – What are the signs?

Symptoms of brain fog, poor memory, fatigue, hormone imbalances, infertility either conception or miscarriage, birth defects, hair breaking or falling out, weight issues, fluid retention, depression, anxiety, heart or thyroid disease, insulin resistance, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), lumpy breasts, and more, affect our local community widely. It is necessary for all glands to communicate with […]

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Trouble falling asleep? Waking through the night, or waking like you haven’t slept at all? Find out why

Do you find yourself tired throughout the day, struggling to concentrate or falling asleep at work? Does your mind race when your head hits the pillow or do you stir all night, waking groggy despite taking sleeping tablets? Don’t accept these feelings as “normal”. One simple infection can cause all of these symptoms plus irritable […]

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Feeling Flat & Unmotivated? Mood Swings from Anger to Anxiety? Can’t Shift Weight? Could it be Hormonal?

Are your mood swings so strong, you’re completely not yourself? Anxiety, irritable, or crying at an instant? Menopause, PMS, and for men, manopause can and will happen. Are you irritable, nervous, depressed, low libido, foggy thinking, can’t sleep, or gaining weight? Why can some people eat anything and maintain their weight, yet you gain 3kg […]

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High or Low Blood Pressure? Fatigue or Chest Pain? Rapid Heart Rate climbing the stairs? How is your Heart Health?

If you’ve been suffering with high blood pressure, or symptoms of low blood pressure such as dizziness, rapid heart rate, fatigue, or chest pain, there may be a systemic health problem, leading to complication with your heart. These types of heart complaints can affect you at any age and any fitness level. Pericarditis can present […]

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Could Depression, Anxiety, Shyness or Fear be caused by a Genetic Disorder affecting 40% of Australians? Is your family at risk?

For those suffering with anxiety, shyness, or fear, high stress levels, anger, poor memory and depression, sometimes it can be a lifelong struggle. Poor dream recall, susceptibility to allergies, fatigue, or poor sugar metabolism, can all be symptoms of a genetic disorder, which is on the rise. Affecting up to 40% of Australians, it often […]

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When deep sadness, loss of hope, fatigue, relentless anxiety, and a scattered brain rules your life, where do you turn?

Long term stress or illness can have a substantial effect on your body that can be hard to recover from, driving you into a physical state of low brain function, depriving your brain of the oxygen, nutrients, hormones and chemicals required for it to work at its best. Coupled with fatigue, it leaves you too […]

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Is Heartburn getting worse? Feeling nausea, bloating or acidic? What if it’s not indigestion?

Serious complications of GORD may lead to osteoporosis or anaemia Is heartburn getting the best of you?  Do you sometimes suffer with a chronic cough?  Are you experiencing wheezing or a sore throat but it’s not the flu?  Do you get chest pains that worry you?  Is belching becoming a problem? If the symptoms of […]

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