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Jodi Chapman of Advanced Wellness and Behavioural Centre

Jodi Chapman, the founder of Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre, developed the clinic over the past 8 years using naturopathic and medical principles, combining the two to fill a gap that seemed to be occurring between orthodox and allopathic medicine. Jodi specialises in the treatment of mental health concerns predominantly for patients suffering with depression, […]

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Is chest pain, increased heart rate, dizziness or low blood pressure affecting your training? How’s your heart health?

Cardiovascular fitness is a great way to reduce your risk of heart disease, however, if you’re suffering from symptoms of low blood pressure such as dizziness, rapid heart rate, fatigue, or chest pain, there may be a systemic health problem, leading to complication with your heart health. These types of heart complaints can affect you […]

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Not as Happy as you used to be? Is Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, or ADHD overwhelming you? Are Anti-Depressants not working for you? Find out Why!

Do you find yourself irritated, not able to feel excited, or constantly thinking negatively? Do you have trouble sleeping, your mind won’t stop racing, or you wake too often through the night? Do you get anxiety at bed time where you can hear your heart beating while your head is on the pillow? One single […]

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No Motivation? No Energy? How about Sugar Cravings? Too Stressed? Too Busy? What stops you from achieving your New Year’s Resolution for Health and Fitness in 2010?

How many times have you set yourself a new year’s resolution, only to sabotage it with all sorts of excuses about why you can’t achieve it? What if there really is a biophysical reason behind your excuses? I was speaking with a group of health industry experts just recently, about fitness clients with no energy, […]

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Do you suffer from itchy or inflamed skin?

Is it worse after you’ve worked out?  Does it come on suddenly but never really goes away?  Unsure what you’re doing that’s making it worse? Skin reactions are some of the most complex issues to treat, as there are a number of factors that could be at play creating an unpleasant rash or painful lumps […]

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Feeling Foggy, Sluggish and Unmotivated? Trouble with Weight? Sensitive to the Cold? Could Your Body Temperature Be Too Low? Find Out Why!

Sluggish energy or fatigue, low motivation, trouble with your weight, fluid retention, foggy or low mood, hair loss and low hormones are also symptoms that can occur with excessive sensitivity to the cold. If you’ve suspected your thyroid, and had it checked, only to come back normal anyway, you may have been on the right […]

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Could Your Diet Crush Your Mindset?

Absolutely it can! For some people, eating certain foods that are perceived as good, even based on a Dieticians plan, can reduce their moods causing lack of motivation, negative thoughts, and mental fatigue, not to mention physical fatigue. Trying to stay positive while your brain chemicals are too low is like trying to build a […]

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Sinus? Headaches & Sneezing? Constipation, Nausea, Bad Breath or Overweight? Does Your Gut Gurgle? It May Not Be Allergies or Food Afterall!

Sinus, hayfever, ongoing sneezing, and daily headaches, that can be worse in the morning, though seem to last more months through the year than the Spring should bring, and could have been going on for decades, all could be part of a bigger health problem that is NOT associated with your allergies! Do you also […]

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