Is stress overwhelming? Feel anxious all the time? Low for no reason?

Anti-Depressants are not the only treatment option available

Are you losing the ability to tolerate stress? Do you feel anxious more often, at times even for no reason? Do you feel sad and low, even though there are lots of things in life to be happy about?

This is unfortunately an all too common scenario; symptoms can be obvious such as overreacting, feelings of depression, pessimism, no longer feeling joyful, difficulty sleeping, low energy. Other symptoms may seem less obvious like a foggy head, difficulty recalling names and events, inability to wind down, low libido, night sweats, weight gain or loss.

As many as 40% of people who take antidepressants have minimal improvements in their symptoms

It’s important to know there are other more effective methods of treatment, once the cause has been identified correctly. Bacterial infections are a common trigger, picked up any number of ways from a bout of gastroenteritis, overseas travel or simply living with someone who has the infection.

What we eat plays a major role in how we feel, with food sensitivities developing over time, compounding the severity of anxiety or depression. Stress is another factor people suffer on a regular basis, which can worsen symptoms rapidly as it depletes our nutrients and hormones. Being deficient in any one nutrient or low in hormones can be catastrophic when health is already compromised.

Fortunately, treatment is simple, with most symptoms relieved following specific identification of infection along with addressing food triggers through comprehensive and specialised DNA testing. Once nutrient status is restored, together with thorough genetic testing to uncover any predispositions, the future looks bright again and mechanisms for coping and feeling joyful are returned.

It’s vital that the correct measures are taken when treating depression or anxiety. No matter how chronic, there will always be an underlying cause which can be resolved with the right testing and approach. If you would like to know more, call (07) 5443 1987 and arrange a free half hour consultation with one of our trained integrated practitioners, or view the webinar “7 Steps to Freedom from Anxiety & Depression” at

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