When deep sadness, loss of hope, fatigue, relentless anxiety, and a scattered brain rules your life, where do you turn?

Long term stress or illness can have a substantial effect on your body that can be hard to recover from, driving you into a physical state of low brain function, depriving your brain of the oxygen, nutrients, hormones and chemicals required for it to work at its best. Coupled with fatigue, it leaves you too tired to exercise or to eat well, and unable to give the effort you know you need to, into the life you deserve to lead. The depression, anxiety, and for some, a chronic fatigue state leaves you struggling to get out of bed each day, unable to think clearly, make decisions, and unable to give the love and attention you want to your partner, family, or to yourself. The sadness, despair, fear, exhaustion, confusion, loss of hope, loss of happiness, and the negative, and sometimes harmful thoughts, that you know are not who you really are, can be too intense to bare, sometimes too intense to share with the people you need to, and sometimes too far of a decline in your health to be remedied by one pill.

A life with incredible health, abundance of energy and a sense of happiness like never before isn’t impossible when you understand how to work the machine that is your body and brain

Recognising that this is a whole body experience, not only caused by your brain, though the brain feels the lion’s share of the symptoms, and understanding how this has happened, gives you the power to end the depression or anxious state, and therefore the stress, allowing your body and brain to cope again. If stress has been so great that you are suffering with any of these symptoms, you may need to reset your system to get back on track. Antidepressants are designed to treat the symptoms of brain chemical imbalances, which may not assist when the depressive state is based on nutritional deficiency, hormonal depletion or any number of other ways depression can affect your life. Always look to treat the right cause with the right treatment to resolve it quickly the first time, and reduce your risk of lifelong medication and illness.

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