Feeling Flat or Unmotivated? Addictions to Sugar or Alcohol? Addiction to Shopping?!

Tired before the day is done? There’s a simple solution…

Have you noticed tiredness or exhaustion way before the day is done, you’d rather hit the pillow by 5pm than organise dinner? Are you lacking enjoyment from life, unmotivated to exercise, get healthy, or to do the things you used to love to do? Do you find yourself over-eating or over-spending to feel good, then hate yourself after?
Are you aware that we have a brain neurotransmitter controlling our reward system, and also controls energy? When we become deficient, we can start to lose interest in life, feel physically and mentally fatigued, suffer with low libido, poor memory, and look for other ways to feel rewarded such as shopping, craving high sugar foods, even causing addictions to drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

This type of deficiency is quite common, and is considered a type of depression, though it doesn’t always come in the form of the typical symptoms such as negative thoughts, sadness, irritability, anger, anxiety, or insomnia, all common symptoms of low serotonin. Dopamine, however, is the brain neurotransmitter that satisfies your rewards centre, so you feel exhilarated, excited by life, mentally motivated to be healthy and to achieve goals, increased libido, and stops cravings and addictions. This brain neurotransmitter then converts to adrenalin supplying you with physical energy.

If you have depleted the nutrients required to make dopamine and adrenalin, purely through either over training, over working, stress, or a poor diet, symptoms of deficiency don’t stop there, it goes on to cause chronic fatigue, poor concentration, and in severe cases, inability to continue work. This is not uncommon and often causes detrimental effects on your relationships with family and friends.

Dopamine and serotonin levels can be measured using specific medical testing. If you’re serious about your life, health, sports and family commitments, you should consider testing these brain neurotransmitters as a regular health check, ensuring you remain in optimum health.

You have a choice. Make 2016 your year to change the path of your life and health. For further information on this or any other health concerns, contact our team for a free half hour consultation or view our FREE webinar “7 Steps to Freedom from Depression & Anxiety” at www.advancedwellness.com.au


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