Jodi Chapman

Jodi Chapman

Jodi Chapman BHSc, Naturopath, speaker, author, and mentor with over a decade in practice, has a special interest in mental health disorders such as conditions related to depression, anxiety, behaviour and learning disorders, insomnia, adrenal stress and fatigue, digestive and autoimmune disease. Jodi has trained in Naturopathy, Nutritional and Herbal Medicine, QEEG and Neurotherapy brainwave neurofeedback retraining methods to deal with the complexity of both biochemical and the physiology of mood and behaviour in adults and children, including PTSD, conditions associated with symptoms of depression and anxiety, behavioural, learning and attention disorders. Using these methods alongside the patient’s medical, psychology, and nutritional support provides a complete approach to mental health disorders, enhancing and improving the longevity of a successful recovery.

Established since 2006, the Advanced Wellness comprehensive and integrative approach to investigating underlying causes of disease and these treatment methods have seen much success with the combined modalities of QEEG and Neurotherapy Brainwave training, Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Medical Herbalism, and Anti-Aging Hormonal Therapy. Optimising complete systems and brain function through first correcting the biochemistry of the body, identifying genetic mutations specific to each patient, optimising hormonal and neurotransmitter production, and only then when biochemistry is at its optimum, repairing previously learned behaviour and mood disorders through retraining brainwave patterns provides individualised treatment with long term and sustainable results. Supporting patients locally, nationally or internationally through comprehensive identification of causative factors by way of functional pathology and designing treatment plans that are accessible in various parts of the world, means there is no limit to the people who may benefit from these treatment methods who may be suffering with mental illness or chronic disease.

With her treatment process attracting attention internationally through her interview “Free Yourself from Anxiety, Depression & ADHD” on Food Matters TV, presented by the authors and filmmakers of “Hungry for Change” and founders of, James Colquhoun and Laurentine Ten Bosch, patients of Jodi Chapman and the Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre come from far and wide, seeking treatment from all over Australia and overseas through online consultation.

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According to leading functional pathology laboratory, Nutripath Integrative Pathology, Jodi has seen and interpreted more food intolerance results than any other health or wellness practice in Australia. Her experience in food intolerances and allergy is comprehensive, how they develop, how to overcome and prevent further intolerances therefore ending the cycle, as one step in overcoming chronic and complex disease. Jodi presents on behalf of Nutripath Integrative Pathology nationally and internationally on the topics of food intolerance and gut microbiome as the foundation of health to medical and health practitioners alike, training in effective methods to stabilise and restore gut, immune and mental health. Presenting complex case studies, causative factors and the practical application of functional pathology in the management of chronic and complex disease states alongside Roger Deutsch, CEO and co-founder of Cell Science Systems (USA) explaining the science behind the most effective food intolerance pathology testing available worldwide.

Her experience stems from her life history where from early childhood Jodi suffered with daily migraines, diagnosed with cluster headaches, and developed the auto-immune diseases psoriasis and ulcerative colitis in her early 20s. Understanding the complexities of disease, identifying the causative factors and overcoming these conditions became the driving force behind the establishment of the Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre. Now with a team of health professionals, Advanced Wellness follows integrative health protocols developed through years of experience, utilising pathology, and the restoration of biochemistry and physiology to successfully treat patients suffering chronic illness, gut dysfunction, autoimmune and mental health conditions.

Learning new approaches and following scientific research offers a more thorough treatment with life-long benefits for patients. A select group of naturopaths have been trained and work with Advanced Wellness on the Sunshine Coast, and throughout other areas of Australia and New Zealand in these processes through closely monitored coaching over a 12 month period. Choosing a qualified health practitioner with the experience and ability to understand your unique health conditions and trained comprehensively in these techniques is essential, and ensures high quality treatment with efficient and successful results in your journey back to optimal health and happiness.

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