Kim Egan

Kim EganKim Egan, Naturopath, has been involved in health care for 30 years. She believes too many people suffer from ongoing, unrelenting symptoms that deprive them of reaching their full potential to live a happy, active and engaged life. Her role as a Naturopath is to educate and guide individuals towards that full potential.

Kim’s career began as a registered nurse which she enjoyed for 20 years. The transition from conventional to natural medicine evolved from a strong desire to help people achieve the best level of health they can. It’s about getting to the cause of the problem rather than just a band-aid approach.

Kim loves a challenge and enjoys problem solving which are two characteristics she regularly utilizes in her practice to unravel her clients’ health issues.

Her Bachelor degrees in both Nursing and Naturopathy, combined with her many years of clinical experience have provided Kim with a great understanding of the body, its biochemical processes and how these can be manipulated to achieve and maintain good health. Kim enjoys keeping up to date with current research to ensure she is providing her clients with the most up to date evidence based treatments.

She has a strong belief in the healing power of nature and an individual’s ability to heal themselves once they are given the right tools. It’s her role to provide you with those tools. It is important to know Kim cares about her clients and she will guide and support you on your journey to wellness.