Could Your Diet Crush Your Mindset?

Absolutely it can! For some people, eating certain foods that are perceived as good, even based on a Dieticians plan, can reduce their moods causing lack of motivation, negative thoughts, and mental fatigue, not to mention physical fatigue. Trying to stay positive while your brain chemicals are too low is like trying to build a […]

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The 7 keys to Understanding Depression & Anxiety

Why is this happening to you? Do you feel flat, tired, or angry? Do you lack excitement or motivation, or constantly think negatively? Do you suffer with anxiety, nervousness, depression or panic and stress? Does insomnia keep you awake through the night, keeping your mind racing. Do you feel symptoms such as palpitations, overheating, foggy […]

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They thought he was the naughty kid in class, rolling around the floor, disrupting the other kids, and wouldn’t listen to the teacher, but now, you wouldn’t recognise him! He’s a different kid.

Adam, was diagnosed ADHD, which not only affected his school work and class mates, but extended to tantrums and arguments with his family. Adam struggled to put together a project from start to finish, was frustrated with not only school work, but doing art or reading for fun at home. He avoided doing anything creative […]

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Find out the 7 Biggest Mistakes You Could Be Making to Cause You or Your Child Permanent Depression, Anxiety or ADHD.

“Awesome, awesome, awesome…..this webinar is a MUST for everyone who cares about their overall health….” J.M. Buderim “Oh my lord, what an informative webinar…Brilliant” L.D. Chermside “I thought the webinar was fantastic… I now have a fuller understanding of my health” L.C. Buderim We had an incredible response from all who were logged on for […]

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