Don’t Let Depression and Anxiety Rule Your Life Any Longer, You DO Have a Choice. Find out how!

The 7 most common causes of depression can be just as easily treated as the common cold, it is not as difficult a task as modern medicine may have you believe. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication will only prolong the problem, when a resolution could be only weeks away. Having treated depression and anxiety at Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre for almost a decade, let me tell you how easily this can be achieved.

Brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, overwhelming sense of stress, sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, confusion, poor memory, palpitations, tingling or burning sensation in fingers or toes, hot sweats through the night, irritable bowel symptoms, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and hormonal imbalances, can all be symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

Emotionally triggered anxiety or depression may be brought on through high levels of long term stress, or a traumatic event, and in these cases, the stress or depression may run its course, though as humans, we are designed to be able to adapt to stress, or to travel through a grieving process to come out the other end, maybe scarred but otherwise regenerated. In some cases however, this regeneration never comes, which comes down to biochemistry. During these stressful times, it takes high levels of specific nutrients to generate enough brain chemicals to help you cope, though when you’re depleted, unless you restore them, your brain chemicals remain insufficient, causing the depression to continue. This type of depression then becomes biochemical.

Biochemically triggered depression or anxiety can come from 6 common causes, each one requiring thorough investigation and treatment to bring your biochemical pathways back to full function, which unless you have a structural problem, such as a brain injury, is not at all a difficult task. These six common causes can be associated with a specific insidious bacterial infection, genetic Pyrrole Disorder, food intolerance, specific nutrient deficiency, hormonal cortisol/DHEA imbalance, or complications with your liver. Have you had these conditions thoroughly tested and ruled out?

Some of these conditions are treated very quickly and require a simple pathology test to diagnose the underlying concern for you. Others are far more serious, and so are very important to have diagnosed, for you, your future, and your family, as they can be genetic or contagious, presenting as distractibility or ADHD/ADD in your children.

You have a choice. Make 2016 your year to change the path of your future health; start your happiness and mental clarity journey today. For further information on this or any other health concerns, contact Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre for a free half hour consultation or view our FREE webinar “7 Steps to Freedom from Depression & Anxiety”.



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